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Dr. Linda Shenk

  Iowa State University

   Many thanks to Mr. Cory for serving as an amazing Community Partner for the youth leaders in the Baker Boys & Girls Club and Iowa State's Torch Club/Community Growers group.  I have never heard the youth say "cool" so many times in one afternoon! Cory pulled up with a truck bed full of tree sections that he gave us for the playscape project the youth designed and were making for their school community garden.  Cory cut the tree sections to just the sizes we needed, and he taught all of us a lot about trees and their care.  Because of Mr Cory, the youth have beautiful tree sections that are now part of a new play place for kids that will bring joy to the community, and what is more, we all have a new love for theses beautiful trees!

Caitlin Szymanski

  Boys and Girls Club of Iowa

“I had the pleasure of working with Cory and could not speak more highly of the experience.  Cory volunteered his services to cut and donate reclaimed tree stumps to a youth-led garden project. Not only was he enthusiatic, always prompt with communication, and worked with our limited schedule, he went above and beyond by donating his time to meet and share with the youth about his work as well as show them how he cuts and works with the wood.  Needless to say the kids were excited and engaged!  I’m grateful that our community has a resource and business like this that simaltatiously grows a healtheir environment,community, and creative entreprenuership. 


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Austin Fredriksen

  Country Lane Lodge

   Urban Lumber Initiative (cory thornton) is spectacular!  We got exactly what we were looking for without any problems.  I will definitely be going back to get more lumber for future builds!

Jetta Rumley

  Residential Client

​   Great job on my tree!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!